12 August 2014


Wow.  The death of Robin Williams really knocked me down.  I always thought he was hilarious.  The barrage of jokes and characters and zany action always made me laugh out loud.  His dramatic roles always made me cry and i would listen to his advice in Dead Poets as if it were my dad imparting wisdom.  Reading Quest's instagram about his interaction with him was incredible.  It is that kind of interaction where RW recognized the Roots, knew their names and talked about their music shows us how to be a human being.  You have to recognize people and talk to them.  It simple acknowledgement.  I try to treat people with respect and sometime i fail at it.  I will endeavor to keep trying to be better.

Depression will kick your ass.  it will hold you down, bind your hands and block you from living.  If you need help say something.  If you are sad let someone know and talk.  Also you have to just start doing, little things to medium size action to big steps to leaps forward.  It will help you pull out of the malaise but you have to talk to someone to really address the problems.  Mental health we need more support for it.

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